*Who can submit to Chubby Bunnies?

Anyone who identifies as female, or who is trans*/genderfluid/ genderqueer. Basically no cis dudes.

*Why hasn’t my picture been posted?

If you followed ALL of the guidelines (yep, go back and read them) then your submission is in the queue. I currently have tens of thousands of followers and I get submissions every day- so it usually takes 10+ days to get posted.

However, if you have written things like ‘skinny bitches’, referred to thin girls as twigs or sticks, ‘real women have curves’ and all of that other nonsense it might’ve been deleted.

*I submitted a bazillion photos of myself, why haven’t all of them been posted?

It’s all well and good that you want to spam us with your baben’ self, but only 2 submissions per day.

*I want my submission to be anonymous, how can I do that?

You need to sign out of tumblr, and then submit.

*Don’t you know fat = unhealthy? I care about your health.

  1. No, it’s not.
  2. No, you don’t.
  3. HERE is a great response to a question like this from SHYB
  4. I usually don’t respond to these types of messages, but if you don’t want your message to be published, then don’t write to me. Simple. I will not take responsibility for you getting upset with my reaction, so it’s probably best for everyone if you keep your concern trolling to yourself.

*What are some good ways to improve my confidence?

*I want to talk to you privately. Can I talk to you without you publishing my question?

Yes, of course. Just mention in the ask you want it to be kept private.

However, if it’s in regards to anything to do with mental illness, suicide, cutting, miscarriage or abuse then those things are extremely triggering to me so please don’t put me in that situation. There’s a wonderful blog called The Safe Space Network and in their resource list there’s a whole bunch of useful blogs and support systems there. It would also be highly inappropriate and irresponsible of me to give out advice when I’m not trained to do so.

*Bec, what is your personal blog?

owls-love-tea <3

*What are some good plus size clothing websites?

  1. Torrid
  2. Asos Curve 
  3. Alloy
  4. Old Navy
  5. eShakti
  6. Forever 21+
  7. Wet Seal Plus
  8. Lane Bryant
  9. Fashion Bug
  10. Loop 18
  11. ModCloth
  12. Avenue
  13. One Stop Plus
  14. Jessica London
  15. Ashley Stewart
  16. Macy’s Plus
  17. Kiyonna
  18. Alight
  19. Roamans
  20. Deb Plus
  21. b & lu
  22. Dorothy Perkins
  23. Primark
  24. Evans
  25. City Chic
  26. Domino Dollhouse
  27. Dots
  28. Sealed With A Kiss Designs
  29. Ross
  30. TJ Maxx
  31. Marshalls
  32. Sears Plus
  33. Target Plus
  34. KMart Plus
  35. Fashion to Figure
  36. Simply Be
  37. eVogues

And for awesome hoisery I recommend welovecolors.com

*Whats a good way to help out with the chaffing on my thighs?

I have found the cure! »click here«

*How can I get rid of my stretch marks?

To be honest I love my stretch marks and couldn’t imagine my body without them but things like vitamin E cream and bio oil can help. In time they usually fade anyway. If you are really serious about getting rid of them talk to your GP.

*Can you please promo my blog?

Sorry babe, but that’s just not what I want chubby bunnies to be about!

*I really want to lose weight- Do you have any tips?

You’ve come to the wrong page for weight loss tips! Always the best way to lose weight is to do it responsibly and at a healthy rate. Eating good and exercising!

*Where is your header and profile picture from?

One very talented artist, named Vivian Freeland. Their links are;



*Do you know of any good facebook pages?

I most certainly do! Chubby Bunnies now has a sister page!

It’s one of the only true body positive facebook pages I’ve come across. It’s called Voluptuous Vixens! V V & CB <3