✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿, Re: Buzzfeed Article
Re: Buzzfeed Article

Hi hey hello

Thank you for everyone letting me know CB Instagram page has made an appearance on a new article about #fatkini. While it’s awesome that they were trying to promote body positivity, unfortunately it seems the majority of their subscribers are sexist, body shaming assholes who are in general really shitty people.

No one asked if they could take the pictures, they didn’t credit the babes in the pictures, only the Instagram account. And the hateful and hurtful comments and messages I’ve received over the last few hours is sickening.

I recommend not reading any of the comments, unless you want your day ruined. There’s no point in getting into arguments with these people, so continue being your fat and fabulous selves, hold your head up high and don’t give any fucks about anyone else’s opinion because it means nothing.

Sending you all love and positive vibes today ❤️

-Bec x

Ps- the CB Instagram page is @official_chubby_bunnies although I’ve made it private just for the next few days so I can weed out any trolls. No men are allowed to follow and are blocked and deleted immediately!

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  7. mouse93 said: Ugh I hate buzzfeed. They are the laziest of sites out there, basically scrounging around for whatever is popular among other media outlets and then posting/claiming as their own. I’m sorry for any babes undergoing this ordeal.
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  9. bananapancakesinouterspace said: People suck. This account is amazing, as is the Instagram account. Thank you for doing this for all of us, it’s appreciated more than you know. ❤️