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1). This is a size 16+ Australian, size 12+ American and size 14+ UK ONLY. If you are under those sizes, please submit elsewhere. If you submit a picture with your size, then can you please specify what country you’re from! eg USA size 12
If you write “US size 11/12 then your submission might be deleted.

2). Although not everyone is 100% comfortable with how they are looking (which is totally fine), I really want chubby-bunnies to be a happy and body positive blog. Please refrain from saying how much you hate your body, how you want to lose weight or tell everyone that you did lose weight. Talking about dieting and weight loss can be quite a triggering subject to some, and I want CB to be a place to get away from all of that. Most likely I will edit that part out or delete your submission all together! If talking about weight loss is important to your story in your journey with your body then please put a trigger warning.

3). If you feel the need to talk about things like; weight loss, eating disorders, abuse, rape, assault, bullying, mental illness, abortion, miscarriage, self harm, suicide- basically anything that might offend or trigger others then please just include a trigger warning at the top of your submission before you write your story.
An example of a trigger warning could be like this;
[TRIGGER WARNING- mentions eating disorder, weight loss, depression]
Make it nice and big and bold so people who are easily triggered can see it.


*Make sure if you want your submission to be linked back to you to add your url into the click through link.

*If you want people to know it’s a submission, write “submitted by [insert your URL]”

*Yes I do post nudes, but they’re what I consider to be tasteful nudes. No porno/ soft porn/ distasteful nudies here thank you! If you submit a sleazy lookin’ picture to try and promo your NSFW blog then your submission will be deleted. No spread legged shots!

*If you’re going to submit a photo of yourself which is less than what you would be seen in down at the beach, please be sure to include your age. Over 18s only. If you don’t, it will be deleted.

*No photos of just your boobies/ bum/ groin area please!

*If you submit any negative comments about other body types - “real women have curves”, “chubby girls are better/ superior/ more desirable”. It’s offensive and I will delete your submission. Full stop.

*If you tag your photo as being body positive, happy, fat etc- please make sure you actually ARE those things!

*if you are clearly a skinnier girl and submit a picture it will be deleted. I’m happy for you that you’re feeling good about your body but there are plenty of other blogs you can submit to. If you’re on the smaller side of the size you are and you submit a photo without stating the size you are, your submission will most probably be deleted.

*If you want your submission to be anonymous, then you need to sign out of tumblr and then submit. In the section where it says ‘name’- write anonymous.

*Although you’re a fine foxy fox, only 2 submissions per bunny, per day! No spamming please
All photos are subject to approval and I will edit them when I feel the need.

With tens of thousands of people who follow and submit to this blog, guidelines like these are enforced for a reason. I hope you understand!

Happy submitting!
-Bec x